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Griffin Financial

Griffin Financial is a leading provider of financial services designed to help you manage your money better. Operating from their headquarters based on Hamlet Court Road in Westcliff on Sea, they provide a number of financial services both online and in store.

1000 Chinese Yuan = £100.19

Based on the current buy back rate of 9.9810

Last updated 5 minutes ago at 11:09pm

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Griffin Financial
122 Hamlet Court Road
Westcliff on Sea

Thomas Exchange

Thomas Exchange, first established in 1978 through its strong team of dealers and cashiers, is dedicated to a personal service designed to meet the needs of business and leisure travellers. Their paramount objective is to offer a level of service which can be relied upon with confidence and over the years their reputation as one of the leading providers of foreign exchange to the corporate traveller in the U.K has grown dramatically. Thomas Exchange UK are still able to exchange all pre-Euro currencies that are still redeemable by their respective national banks as well as many currencies that are not generally traded in the UK (for example CFA Francs).

1000 Chinese Yuan = £99.52

Based on the current buy back rate of 10.0485

Last updated 5 minutes ago at 11:09pm

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Thomas Exchange
5 Market Place


Unfortunately RBS do not accept online buy-back orders at the moment, but we have still included them here for comparison purposes. If you would like to sell your currency to RBS, please take it to your local branch instead.

1000 Chinese Yuan = £92.42

Based on the current buy back rate of 10.8200

Last updated 5 minutes ago at 11:09pm


Unfortunately NatWest do not accept online buy-back orders at the moment, but we have still included them here for comparison purposes. If you would like to sell your currency to NatWest, please take it to your local branch instead.

1000 Chinese Yuan = £92.38

Based on the current buy back rate of 10.8246

Last updated 5 minutes ago at 11:09pm

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Chinese Yuan

Sell Chinese Yuan Online

If you’ve ever tried selling Chinese Yuan in the past you might have some idea of how hard it can be to get a good deal. High street banks and travel agents typically offer very bad exchange rates and most bureau de change will add commission or fees to your order which affects the amount of cash you end up with. What’s worse: there is no standard process for buying currency back in the UK – each buyer sets their own terms and conditions, and a lot of places will only buy currency back that they originally sold you in the first place – and you’ll need a receipt as proof!

Thankfully, a growing number of licenced currency brokers are now accepting Chinese Yuan sent to them by post – and they are prepared to offer much better rates than you’ll find anywhere on the high street. They are able to do this because they trade large amounts of currency on a daily basis and the Chinese Yuan they buy from one customer may be sold directly on to the next; cutting out the banks and passing the savings directly on to you.

Placing an order online is simple. Choose a buyer, complete an online form, print it out and pop it in the post together with your currency. You’ll be contacted to confirm your order as soon as your currency has been received and you can expect payment directly into your nominated bank account within one working day. There are no hidden fees and no commission is added to your order so you’ll know exactly how much money you’ll receive right from the start – it really is as simple as that!

Frequently asked questions

How is the value of my Chinese Yuan calculated?

The Sterling value of your order is calculated by dividing the number of Chinese Yuan you have by the current exchange rate. For example:

Say you have 1000 Chinese Yuan and the exchange rate is 10.2000. The Sterling value is calculated by:

1000 CNY / 10.2000 = £98.04

Now using the same amount but with a higher exchange rate of 10.5000:

1000 CNY / 10.5000 = £95.24

So the lower exchange rate (10.2000 in this case) yields more Pounds for your Chinese Yuan.

Can I sell Chinese Yuan coins?

Unless specified in the buyer’s description then most will not accept coins because they are heavy (which makes them expensive to post) and their low value makes them difficult to exchange at the bank. If you have a few spare coins you might want to consider saving them for your next holiday or perhaps donate your Chinese Yuan to charity instead.

If you have a large volume of coins, please contact us with details as we may be able to find you a buyer privately.

How do I post my Chinese Yuan securely?

We recommend you post your Chinese Yuan via Royal Mail Special Delivery which is a guaranteed next working day service and requires a signature on delivery. This service is fully trackable, can be insured for up to £2500 per package (orders over this value will need to be split into multiples of £2500) and costs from as little as £6 depending on the value of the order.

You can find out more and pay for your postage online on the Royal Mail website.

If you are unsure about the best postage option just ask at the counter of your local branch.

How and when do I get paid?

Most buyers aim to pay you within one working day of receiving your currency and you’ll be paid directly into the bank account you nominate when you place your order.

What if the exchange rate changes while my currency is in the post?

Exchange rates change frequently throughout the day so it’s likely that the rate you get when you place your order will have changed by the time your order arrives. In most cases this will not be a problem – buyers expect this to happen and will honour the rate you received when you placed your order providing you get your currency to them as soon as possible.

In some cases where there is a long delay between when the order was placed and when it was received, or where the Chinese Yuan rate changes significantly within a short period of time, a different rate may be offered. You don’t have to accept any offer made to you but you may be charged a small fee to cover postage if you would like your currency returned. The buyer will always contact you by phone or email to confirm your order regardless of whether the exchange rate changes before they process your order.

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