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The Best 26 Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Suppliers for Buying and Selling Currency Online - Featured Image

30 October, 2015

by Adam Silveston

The Best 26 Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Suppliers for Buying and Selling Currency Online

Currency Buy Back is proud to announce its new recent website upgrade where consumers can now compare the best online currency suppliers in the UK using our unique currency comparison tables for both buying and selling currency online.

Currency Buy Back was originally setup to just help consumers looking to sell their unused travel money at the best buy back foreign currency exchange rates. Typically, most people will not return from a holiday with much left over currency, but if they do our unique Sell Currency comparison table allows consumers to compare all the latest buy back exchange rates from all the top UK currency suppliers online.

As we all know the Euro is one of the most popular currencies in the world now especially what with 19 of the 28 European Union Member States now accepting the Euro as its main currency. Whether you are looking to buy or sell the Euro our website now offers consumers the opportunity to easily compare the Best Pound to Euro Exchange Rate online in order for you to get the best Travel Money deal.

How To Buy Euros Online

As part of the recent Currency Buy Back website upgrade we have added more Currency Suppliers to our comparison table which now allows you to compare the latest Pound to Euro Exchange Rate with 26 of the best and most trusted Travel Money suppliers and brands in the UK. Please see below a snap shot our newly upgraded Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Currency Comparison Table for Buying Currency Online in the UK:

The Top 3 Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Suppliers for Buying Currency Online in the UK

The Best 26 Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Suppliers for Buying and Selling Currency Online - The Top 3 Buy Euro Suppliers

As you can see the above snap shot of our Pound to Euro Exchange Rate comparison table shows you the top 3 Currency Suppliers at the time and typically you will find that Travel FX have the Best Euro Exchange Rates consistently and as you can see they have a great customer reviews as well. If you are looking to compare today’s best Euro Rates for Buying Euros online please check out our latest Euro Exchange Rate Today using our Buy Euro Currency comparison table for up to date exchange rates which are updated every eight minutes directly from the Currency Suppliers themselves.

This not only makes comparing Euro Exchange Rates much more easier for consumers, but our comparison table also gives consumers a list of the Best 26 Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Suppliers for Buying Currency Online in the UK and it supplies customers with the opportunity to choose whether they would like to collect or have the Travel Money delivered to their home address. If you opt for delivery this is generally included in the price comparison and the Travel Money will be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery making it quick and easy compared to having to shop around on the high street for the best exchange rate deals.

How To Sell Euros Online

As for Selling Euros and finding the best Euro Sell Rate you can use our Sell Currency comparison tables for comparing all the Buy Back Exchange Rates which are different to the Sell Exchange Rates when you are looking to Buy Currency. Typically there are less Travel Money suppliers who offer the Buy Back service online and please see below a snap shot of our Euro Buy Back Suppliers:

The Top 3 Euro Buy Back Exchange Rate Suppliers for Selling Currency Online in the UK

The Best 26 Pound to Euro Exchange Rate Suppliers for Buying and Selling Currency Online - The Top 3 Sell Euros Suppliers

As you can see our Sell Euros Currency comparison table allows you to easily input how many Euros you would like to sell and you can easily see what the Euro BuyBack Exchange Rate will be and how much you will get back from that Currency Supplier when you send your Euro money off for exchanging. Once exchanged from the Euro to the Pound the money will be deposited into your nominated bank account.

Over the last few years we have seen more and more online Currency Suppliers offering a Travel Money Buy Back service which not only makes the market more competitive for consumers to get a good deal, but it also makes it much easier than having to shop around on the high street especially where exchange rates are not as good when it comes to Buying and Selling your Currency.

If you have Euros to sell now please check out our latest Euro Buy Back Exchange Rates using our Sell Euros Currency comparison table or if you have any other currency our website allows you to compare up to 60 other currencies from around the world for exchanging your Travel Money back into the Pound using the Best UK Currency Suppliers and the latest Exchange Rates.

Alternatively, if you do plan on visiting any specific country again in the future then you can always keep hold your left over currency for spending on your next holiday or business trip. However, if you need to Compare Travel Money in the future please keep us in mind for comparing exchange rates to either Buy or Sell Currency as this will allow you to use our Currency comparison tables for finding the best deal online in advance which will not only save you money, but it will put you in control of the Exchange Rates you would like to buy at rather than paying over the odds at the Airport or when you arrive on holiday in another country.

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22 June, 2015

by Peter Rudin-Burgess

In or Out? Will it make a difference?

I spend my time here in the UK and in Switzerland which right now is quite interesting as Switzerland is not in the EU but is moving towards it and the UK is in the EU but moving away from it.

Funny enough the Swiss know something about money. That may not be true as they are not big on asking questions but nevertheless their financial institutions are the most respected in the world, their economy is one of the strongest and their currency one of the most valuable. There are more poeple living in London than in all of Switzerland but for a long time during the Euro crisis it was the peg between the Swiss Franc and the Euro that stopped the Euro from crashing. As it was when the downward pressure onthe Euro got too much the Swiss withdrew the peg and the Euro lost 20% of its value in an afternoon and the buy back rate went through the roof..

Just think about that. The economic output of 7.85Million Swiss was outweighing the total output of over 101Million EU workers in the eyes of the financial markets.

Yet the swiss are moving ever closer to EU integration, allowing EU multinational businesses to enter traditionally protected Swiss markets, unifying packaging and trade law and spending real taxpayers Francs to prop up the floundering Euro. The reason they do it is that the EU is their biggest trading partner and a strong EU is good for business.

Over here, having benefited from 40 years of free trade every few people can remember what it was like before we joined, the cod wars (yes that is cod not a miss-spelling of cold), French farmers burning lambs and sheep alive in their trucks (that carried on into the 80s) and the three day week. Now workign 3 days a week does not sound that bad until look at how you would pay your mortgage with just three days of wages. Could you take a 40% drop in pay?

Whether we were in the EU of not the Japan of the 1970s and 80s was going to revolutionise the car industry and our car manufacturing industry was going to fail but the reason Nissan invested in Sunderland was because we were members of the EU and it gave them easy access to the European marketplace. Yes we pay in more than we get in handouts and rebates but that does not take into account the actual real money earned by thousands of businesses selling into the EU. They will stil be able to sell to those customers but they simply will not be as competitive bacause of the tariffs in place on goods coming in from outside the EU that right now protect British jobs.

Now I know that at the end of the day we will survive in or out of the EU, the rich will get richer and the poor poorer regardless of what happens. What is important is the moment of change. It is whenever there is a moment of great change that the ‘normal’ people suffer the most and that is what is on the horizen in 2017.

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australian money

22 May, 2015

by Peter Rudin-Burgess

Post Election Scare Mongering will Effect Euro Buy Back Rates

Ever since the general election two weeks ago we have had a constant litany of woes regarding the Euro membership referendum. If it is not Deutsche Bank saying they will leave the UK then it is the head of JCB saying that leaving the Euro will not effect business. The Euro buy back rate is beingn jerked around like a puppet on a string.

The truth is, and anyone in economics will agree, that if you sever ties with your closest trading partner it will effect business. It is not possible for it to be any other way. If leaving the EU has no effect on the UK or the EU then why both leaving? What is worse though is the constant drip, drip of hearsay and speculation with this group saying the sky will fall in and the next saying we will be a srich as Croesus. Speculation either way will destroy the confidence in the Pound and its value will fall.

I suspect that this is actually intentional. The pro-European lobby could be trying to force the Pound lower and then point to the markets and say “There is your proof that industry knows that leaving the EU is bad.” That is a dangerous game to play and it will impact on peoples real lives.

Right now you can sell Euros back to a currency supplier for more than what you bought them for if you bought them this time last year. The Pound is about 30% stronger now that it was 12 months ago and that is helping us when we want to sell things priced in Euros such as, you guessed it, left over Euros. If the Pound drops in value then so will the value of your left over currency. If you are holding on to Euros or if you are say selling a property in Euros then it will potentially wipe thousands off the value of your investment.

Depending on who is trotting out what rubbish over the next two years the value of the Pound is likely to go up when the pro-EU lobby is shouting loudest and down when the Eurosceptics are in full voice.

You should bare that in mind when timing when to sell your currency.

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How to sell unused foreign currency

10 September, 2014

by Adam Silveston

How to sell unused foreign currency

Whether you have been on holiday this year or in previous years the chances are that you have come back from holiday with some left over unused foreign currency. Sometimes when you are a frequent traveller you may decide to keep your unused foreign currency in order to use it next time you visit a destination where the currency is being used. For example, Euros or US Dollars which are both widely accepted in many countries around the world.

When selling unused foreign currency suppliers will offer you what is called a currency buy back rate which is different compared to when you first brought currency which is called a currency sell rate. Everyday exchange rates change and therefore these sell and buy back rates change as well and ensuring you get a good deal on selling unused foreign currency is just as important as shopping around for travel money exchange rates before you go away on holiday as you want to make sure you get the most out of the money you have in the exchange rate deal.

How to sell unused foreign currency

At currencybuyback.com we offer consumers the opportunity to compare all the UK currency buy back suppliers and their currency buy back rates to enable you to sell unused foreign currency at the best buy back exchange rates on the market. These currency buy back rates are extremely good in comparison to high street banks, the post office and airport exchange bureaus’ which generally offer poor currency buy back rates due to overheads, good brand recognition and difficultly for consumers to easily compare currency exchange rates whilst shopping around on the high street.

If you are looking to sell euros here is one of our latest blog posts which explains, how to get the best euro buy back rates and it explains the difference in high street travel money rates at the post office compared to online currency buy back rates. What you will find is that some online currency suppliers will not even be on the high street and therefore their overheads are low and the currency buy back exchange rates are then quite considerably better for the consumer.

If you would like to know how to sell unused foreign currency then please visit our sell currency page where you choose up to 60 currencies to sell back into the British Pound. If you have any questions or problems, then please contact us to talk to one of our currency experts who will be happy to help you. If you are planning another holiday or business trip and you need new currency please visit our sister website Compare Holiday Money which allows you to compare over 80 currencies from all the top UK currency suppliers including well known high street banking brands. Again if you have any problems about what is the best thing to do with regards to your currency requirements please post your question on our travel money forum and our currency experts will help you in the right direction.

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How to get the best euro buy back rates

30 July, 2014

by Adam Silveston

How to get the best euro buy back rates

With the euro exchange rates being at their highest for five years many people have been taking advantage of a better euro exchange rate which will give them more money to spend whilst on holiday in Europe.

How to get the best euro buy back rates

In the last year alone the euro exchange rates have increased by 7% and as hard as it may seem some people do come back from holiday with unused currency. If you are a frequent traveller and you plan on holidaying again in Europe this year or next then you might like to keep hold of your Euros rather than selling them back.

However, if you prefer to convert the money back then we have put together a short guide on how to get the best euro buy back rates to ensure you find the best deal for your money when converting Euros back into GBP.

1 – Do not go to your local high street bank or Post Office as their euro buy back rates will be extremely poor exchange rates. For example, based on a search today selling back 50 Euros the difference between online rates and high street rates came out as £4.52 difference with the Post Office giving you £34.97 and online rates giving you back £39.49.

2 – The more you sell back the better exchange rate you will get. For example, again based on the above instance if you sold back 100 Euros to the Post Office you would get £69.93 when compared with online rates you would receive £79.93 which is an exact difference of £10.00 again based on today’s Euro buy back exchange rates. So if you come back with a few hundred Euros then selling your leftover unused currency back online would give extra money which otherwise would be lost to poor exchange rates or fees.

3 – If you haven’t sold currency before then to get the best euro buy back rates the easiest way is to use a currency comparison table of all the top UK currency suppliers to ensure you find the best euro buy back rates all in one place. At Currency Buy Back we give you option to compare and sell back all your old or unused currency for over 50 different currencies with buy back rates updated every 10 minutes. Just remember that most currency suppliers will not accept 500 euro notes as part of the buy back process.

We hope that this short guide in how to get the best euro buy back rates was useful and if you have any questions about how to sell your old or unused currency please do not hesitate to get in touch with our currency buy back team or if you are planning another holiday then please keep in mind our Compare Holiday Money website which allows you to compare and buy currency from all the top UK currency suppliers for over 80 currencies.

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08 April, 2014

by Adam Silveston

CurrencyBuyBack.com Short Survey

CurrencyBuyBack.com is a new travel money comparison website which allows you to compare all the latest UK currency suppliers who are offering to buy back your old foreign currency money.

In order to help us improve our service to our customers we have put together a short survey of four questions to help us find out more about the best ways to market this unique travel money comparison service to customers searching online.

To complete the survey please answer the following four multiple choice questions:

If you have old currency which you would like to sell back please visit our CurrencyBuyBack.com Sell Currency Page to compare all the top UK currency buy back suppliers and see how much they will offer you for your left over and unwanted travel money.

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Open sign

22 November, 2013

by Peter Rudin-Burgess

Currency Buy Back Goes Live!

We are delighted to announce the launch of CurrencyBuyBack.com – a brand new and unique comparison website dedicated to finding you the best deals when it comes to selling your left-over or unwanted currency.

If you’ve ever returned from abroad with unspent currency you’ll have faced the usual dilemma as to what to do with it. Do you exchange it back into sterling, give it to a friend or family member or simply put it away and save it for next time? While these are all good options, many people don’t realise that you can sell your unwanted currency over the Internet to fully-licenced, UK-based currency suppliers at much better rates than you’ll find anywhere on the high street.

At Currency Buy Back we compare the buy back rates from these suppliers and show you exactly how much each of them will offer you for your currency based on the latest exchange rates; simply pick the currency you want to sell, enter the amount and we’ll do the rest. You can even place your order directly on our website – all you need is a printer or a pen and paper and we will guide you through every step of the way.

Here are some of the other great reasons why we hope you’ll find our new site useful:

  • We are the ONLY website in the UK to compare currency buy back rates
  • We compare over 50 currencies and update our rates every 10 minutes
  • Our buyers offer unbeatable rates that you won’t find anywhere on the high street
  • No receipt or proof-of-purchase necessary – our buyers will exchange your currency regardless of where you bought it
  • You could get an average of 7% more for your Euros and 5% more for your US Dollars by selling through us instead of the bank
  • There are no minimum or maximum order values – sell back as much or as little currency as you like

To start comparing or to find out more, visit our website at CurrencyBuyBack.com and if you know someone who might find our services useful then please pass the message on.

We look forward to your visit!

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03 October, 2013

by Peter Rudin-Burgess

Donating unwanted currency to charity

We’ve teamed up with a great local charity that’s close to our hearts to bring you this quick guide on donating unwanted or left-over currency to charity.

Cornwall-based ShelterBox provide emergency relief to families around the world who have been affected by natural or man-made disasters. Their iconic green boxes contain everything an extended family need to survive the immediate aftermath of a devastating event including emergency shelter, a fuel-burning stove, cooking utensils and a robust toolkit. Each box costs just £590 and is funded purely by donations.

ShelterBox Contents

How to make a donation to ShelterBox

If you’ve got some unwanted or left-over currency – no matter how small – donating some or all of it to ShelterBox can really help make a difference to the lives of less-fortunate families around the world who have lost everything.

Donating is simple: you don’t need to convert your currency; just send your foreign cash and coins exactly as they are straight to ShelterBox:

Unit 1 Water-Ma-Trout,
TR13 0LW
United Kingdom

If you don’t want to remain anonymous you are welcome to include a covering note with your name and address with your currency. ShelterBox will send you a personal letter to thank you for your contribution and tell you a little bit about their ongoing humanitarian efforts around the world.

Once ShelterBox have the necessary weight in currency to warrant a collection from their foreign exchange providers, the combined total of many currency donations are sent off to be converted into Pounds Sterling and put towards the cost of new boxes.

To find out more about ShelterBox or to make a donation online, please visit their website by clicking here: http://shelterbox.org/

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01 October, 2013

by Peter Rudin-Burgess

How to sell currency online

This complete guide will tell you everything you need to know about selling currency online including step-by-step instructions on the ordering process.

How to sell currency online

1) Find a buyer
2) Complete an online order form
3) Post your currency and completed order form to the buyer
4) Get paid directly into your bank account

Find a buyer

Click here to find a buyer for your currency

Finding a buyer is the first step towards selling your currency online. Every company in the UK maintains their own internal ‘buy back’ rates which can change frequently throughout the day, and the amount you are offered for your currency depends on the prevailing buy back rates at the time you go to sell. Since no single buyer consistently offers the highest exchange rates, you can compare the best deals using our currency comparison tool which uses the latest buy back rates to calculate how much each buyer would offer for your currency.

For your security and peace of mind, all of the buyers we compare are based in the UK and are registered with HMRC and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for the trading of currency.

Once you have chosen a buyer you can place a buy back order directly with them by clicking the ‘Sell Now’ button under their company description. If the buyer has their own ordering system you will be redirected to their website where you can follow the instructions to place your order with them. If the buyer does not have their own ordering system you will be redirected to our online buy back form where you can complete your order through us.

Complete an online order form

Once you have chosen a buyer, the next step is to fill out a buy back form that contains details of the currency you are selling, your contact details and your bank details so your payment can be made. Each buyer has a slightly different buy back form but we provide our own standard version that you can use with everyone.

After clicking ‘Sell Now’ you will either be redirected to their website to complete your order or you will be redirected to our standard buy back form depending on whether they have an online ordering system. In either case you will need to follow the instructions and fill in the details requested to complete your order.

Once you submit your completed order form a copy will be emailed to you and a copy will be sent to the buyer so they know to expect your order. You will then need to print your completed order form for inclusion with your currency when you post it. If you do not have access to a printer you can either print it off at a later date (a link will be sent in your confirmation email) or you can write your order out on a piece of paper instead.

Note: Large orders may require you to verify your ID by emailing a copy of your passport or driver’s licence to the buyer. These legal requirements are necessary to comply with anti-money laundering regulations here in the UK and your information will be held strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act. You will be prompted whether or not you will need to verify your ID before you place your order, and full instructions will be given if applicable as most orders do not require these additional security checks.

Post your currency and completed order form to the buyer

The buyer’s address and postage instructions will be included at the bottom of your completed order form. You will need to securely package your currency and completed order form and send it to the buyer as soon as possible to avoid any major changes in the buy-back exchange rate that could affect the amount of money you receive.

We recommend that you post your currency using Royal Mail’s Special Delivery which is a next-working-day service that requires a signature on delivery. This service can be insured for up to £2,500 per package and should be enough for most people, however if your currency value is greater than this we recommend splitting your currency up into multiple packages each containing no more than £2,500 (remember to include a cover note with your order number in any additional packages you send).

Send your currency by Royal Mail Special Delivery for guaranteed delivery or your money back. Royal Mail insure your package for the full value of its contents and you can track your currency right up until the point of delivery where it will need to be signed for by a member of staff at the buyer’s office.

It is your responsibility to ensure your currency arrives with the buyer so please take care to package it securely. If in doubt, tell the cashier at your local Post Office branch what you are sending and ask them to make sure it is suitably packaged and insured before you post it.

Please try to post your currency as soon as possible after placing your order online. Exchange rates can change frequently on a daily basis and if your currency takes a long time to be received there is no guarantee the rate you received when you placed your order will be honoured by the time your currency is received. If this happens, the buyer will contact you and agree a new rate before processing your order and you will be offered the chance to have your currency sent back to you if you at your discretion.

Get paid directly into your bank account

Once the buyer has received your currency they will pay you directly into the bank account you nominated on your order form. Payments will be made by Bank Transfer and can take up to three working days to process, but most payments are received before this time. The buyer’s website, address and contact details will be printed on your order form, and any questions or enquiries regarding the processing of your order or payment can be answered by their customer services team.

Questions or comments?

If you have any questions on selling your currency back then we’d love to help. Please contact us with your query and one of our buy back team will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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