Euro To Pound Buy Back Exchange Rate Stronger Since The Brexit Referendum

It’s almost one year since the Brexit Referendum on the 23rd June 2016 last year. Since then if you are looking to Buy Euros then you will find that the Euro Exchange Rate will get you less Pounds in return. But, if you are looking to Sell Euros then the Euro To Pound Buy Back Exchange Rate will actually allow you to pocket more Pounds in return for your old Unused Currency.Brexit Referendum

Courtesy of our flag ship Travel Money Comparison website Compare Holiday Money we have our very own Euro Exchange Rate History graphs which shows the Euro To Pound Buy Back Exchange Rate since the 23rd June 2016 following the Brexit Referendum.

Euro To Pound Buy Back Exchange Rate History Graph

As you can see in the above Euro To Pound Buy Back Exchange Rate Graph from Compare Holiday Money that the Euro BuyBack Rate was 1.316 on the 23rd June 2016. Since then the Euro BuyBack Rate has dropped which actually means you will get more Pounds in return when you are looking to Sell Euros.

For example, if you had 100 Euros to exchange on the 23rd June 2016 at the Euro To Pound Buy Back Exchange Rate of 1.316 then you would have received 75.99 in GBP. However, now at today’s Euro To Pound Buy Back Exchange Rate you would get in return 86.69 in GBP when selling 100 Euros For Pounds which is an increase of 14% following the Brexit Referendum last June 2016.

How To Compare Today’s Euro To Pound Buy Back Exchange Rate

Comparing currency suppliers for Selling Currency these days is much easier than it has been in the past with many specialist online currency suppliers actually allowing you to Sell Unused Currency such as the Euro Currency online, saving you time and money.

Typically, you will find that the more specialist online Sell Currency suppliers offer the Best Buy Back Rates on the market when compared with high street Currency Buy Back suppliers such as popular brands like the Post Office or even your own bank.

To ensure you find the best Currency Buy Back Rates online please head over to our Euro To Pound Sell Currency Comparison Table and just enter how much you would like to sell. Our comparison tables will show you the Best Exchange Rates at the top and how much you will get in return. You can then of course proceed through the Sell Now button to the currency suppliers’ website to complete your order.

Should I Sell My Euros Now…

The answer to this question basically entirely depends on your personal circumstances. If you are planning to visit Europe where you can spend Euros again in the next year or two then I personally would say keep your Euros until next time as this will be more cost effective and potentially cheaper for you in the long run especially at the moment as Buying Euros is more expensive when compared with before Brexit.

In the past when I have personally been on holiday and come back with Euros I have just kept them until next time and then just topped up my Euros balance for my next trip rather than sell my Euros and then have to buy more next time. However, if you know you are not planning to visit Europe again for some time and would just prefer to have the Pounds back into your bank account then using our Sell Currency comparison table will allow you to get the Best Buy Back Rate available for you today!

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