How to get the best buyback rates for US dollars

If you’ve recently been over to the United States for a vacation or business trip, you may have some leftover currency that you didn’t use whilst over there. Markets have fluctuated over the past few months due to the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the Brexit vote and for many more reasons. But that hasn’t stopped us from wanting to visit some of the 50 American states.

Trips to the States can be expensive with travellers purchasing additional cash in case they run out. But what do you do with any leftover cash? Well there are a few things that I’ll go through now which may help your decision.

1. Keep hold of the Dollars

If you’re a frequent traveller, selling currency back to providers may be a bad decision. Whenever I come back from holiday, I tend to see when my next holiday will be to question whether that currency will come in handy. If it makes sense to keep it long term, you may as well keep it.

One thing to consider is the markets may change for better or worse. if you already have the currency for the next trip, it takes away the hassle.

2. Stay away from high street prices!

If you go to your nearest post office or high street currency branch, the chances are they won’t take coins or they will offer you less money back for the currency. This is similar to going into a branch and taking money there and then without comparing prices.

3. Use a Comparison Service

Not liking to credit ourselves too much, comparison services are a great way of seeing the best deals on the market for getting money back. Currency Buy Back is the only comparison service in the UK for selling currency back to suppliers. It can help you find the best rates without having to go into travel suppliers in town.

It is important to bear in mind that the more cash you look to sell, the better exchange rates that you get for your Dollars.

Whatever you decide to do, it may be worth taking a look at Currency Buy Back to see what our suppliers can offer.


Posted by Matthew Weston

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