How to sell unused foreign currency

Whether you have been on holiday this year or in previous years the chances are that you have come back from holiday with some left over unused foreign currency. Sometimes when you are a frequent traveller you may decide to keep your unused foreign currency in order to use it next time you visit a destination where the currency is being used. For example, Euros or US Dollars which are both widely accepted in many countries around the world.

When selling unused foreign currency suppliers will offer you what is called a currency buy back rate which is different compared to when you first brought currency which is called a currency sell rate. Everyday exchange rates change and therefore these sell and buy back rates change as well and ensuring you get a good deal on selling unused foreign currency is just as important as shopping around for travel money exchange rates before you go away on holiday as you want to make sure you get the most out of the money you have in the exchange rate deal.

How to sell unused foreign currency

At we offer consumers the opportunity to compare all the UK currency buy back suppliers and their currency buy back rates to enable you to sell unused foreign currency at the best buy back exchange rates on the market. These currency buy back rates are extremely good in comparison to high street banks, the post office and airport exchange bureaus’ which generally offer poor currency buy back rates due to overheads, good brand recognition and difficultly for consumers to easily compare currency exchange rates whilst shopping around on the high street.

If you are looking to sell euros here is one of our latest blog posts which explains, how to get the best euro buy back rates and it explains the difference in high street travel money rates at the post office compared to online currency buy back rates. What you will find is that some online currency suppliers will not even be on the high street and therefore their overheads are low and the currency buy back exchange rates are then quite considerably better for the consumer.

If you would like to know how to sell unused foreign currency then please visit our sell currency page where you choose up to 60 currencies to sell back into the British Pound. If you have any questions or problems, then please contact us to talk to one of our currency experts who will be happy to help you. If you are planning another holiday or business trip and you need new currency please visit our sister website Compare Holiday Money which allows you to compare over 80 currencies from all the top UK currency suppliers including well known high street banking brands. Again if you have any problems about what is the best thing to do with regards to your currency requirements please post your question on our travel money forum and our currency experts will help you in the right direction.

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  1. Sir i have malaysian notes and coins of good conditions and want to sell at a good price. notes of series and rare coins
    Please advise me how do i sell? YOU want me come to london in order to the the best offer. can i know the buyer who can give a very good offer for my collections.
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