Does it make more sense now to buy tech on holiday?


The majority of Brits now take multiple electronic devices with them overseas. Whether travelling for business or pleasure, phones, laptops and cameras are popular items accompanied on trips around the world. But what are the rules on purchasing technology overseas and bringing it into the UK?

More products are being made in Europe before being exported into the UK for customers to purchase from retailers. Some pieces of technology are cheaper overseas rather than being charged and taxed higher prices that buying abroad.

One key example is that Apple products are the cheapest in the US. This due to the products being designed and developed in California while they are manufactured in China.

While the US is the cheapest place to purchase a iPhone 7, the UK still remains relatively cheap thanks to its strong currency against the US Dollar. Despite being the fifth cheapest country in the world to buy the phone from, it is still £112 more expensive than America.

There are important things to consider when purchasing a product overseas if it works out cheaper. Be sure to follow these tips:


Sometimes a tourist could see what they think is a decent deal in holiday mode without thinking of whether it is practical. Spending habits increase in a different environment so you should try to resist temptation if it involves excessive spending.

If you have done the research and it is considerably cheaper to purchase in a different country, then weigh up your options on the best deals to get in the country.

Check international warranties

Some products may not have international warranties available on them. The last thing you want is to break a product overseas and it turns out your warranty doesn’t cover the damage. While the majority of international companies now offer worldwide, it is important to check the coverage rather than gamble on a fragile piece of tech.

Will customs allow items in or charge you extra?

Just like any item brought into the UK, if found by customs whilst entering they have the right to take custody of the product if breaching law. Whilst you should be okay bringing recognised branded technology into the country, they may charge extra if you have bought it cheaper overseas.

It is best to check the government’s customs especially if importing a product that is new or not released in Britain just yet.

Do basic functions work?

There are of course the main thing to keep in mind whilst purchasing overseas technology: Is it compatible to work in the UK? Our plug sockets are completely different to those in Europe and America. If you are buying

If you are buying a product from Asia you need to make sure that the keyboard is one you’re used to like the QWERTY layout.

The best thing to do is check to see the tech before you finally agree to make the purchase. This is to make sure that it is exactly what you wish to buy.

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