Travelling to Spain? The Foreign Office has applied new advice

If you have followed any news recently, you will have heard of the events that have taken place in Spain. On 17th & 18th August 2017, two terrorist-related incidents took place in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona and Cambrils, near Salou (100km southwest of Barcelona).

These resulted in the loss of life, including a British national.

The Foreign Office has given new advice to all those visiting Spain through the remainder of the summer. A support line has been set up by the Spanish authorities for anyone affected by either attack in Barcelona and Cambrils.

The number to contact for the helpline is: 0034 93 214 21 24

British nationals are currently being supported by local authorities to help them get home or support them any way possible. This is in conjunction with the British Embassy in Madrid and Consulate General in Barcelona.

The events may have meant particular road closures or other restrictions within the town, the best people to contact to find out more are the local authorities.

Britain’s Foreign Office are quick to point out that over 12 million Brits visit Spain every year, with most visits troublesome-free. This incident has been dealt with by the authorities and shouldn’t deter holidaymakers from visiting the Catalunya region.

Emergency Services

If you need to contact emergency services urgently whilst visiting Spain, the number is 112. If you want to report assault, robbery or accident to the police, the number changes depending on what part of Spain you’re visiting. So make sure you know the number before traveling.

The Foreign Office has a page on its website dedicated to help and support if you’ve been affected by a crisis abroad.

It has some helpful links and advice if needed. You can take a look by clicking here.




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