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The Polish Zloty rates below were last updated 4 minutes ago

PLN Rate
£750 Buys
Customer Rating
Order Online
Rate: 4.8864
3,664.80inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.8862
3,664.65inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.8714
3,653.55inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.8515
3,638.63inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.8502
3,637.65inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.8463
3,634.73inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.8684
3,627.20inc. £4.95 delivery
Rate: 4.8261
3,619.58inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.8204
3,615.30inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.7968
3,597.60inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.8160
3,587.97inc. £4.99 delivery
Rate: 4.8160
3,587.97inc. £4.99 delivery
Rate: 4.7760
3,582.00inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.7747
3,581.03Collection only
Rate: 4.7510
3,563.25inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.7204
3,540.30inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.7135
3,535.13inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.7127
3,534.53inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.7006
3,525.45inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.6705
3,502.88inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.6447
3,483.53inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.5300
3,397.50inc. FREE delivery
Rate: 4.5258
3,394.35inc. FREE delivery

Buy Polish Zloty Online

Off to Poland soon? Make sure you get the best deal on your Polish Zloty. We compare dozens of the UK's biggest currency suppliers so you can see in an instant who is offering the best deals. Our latest comparisons show Polish Zloty tourist rates ranging from 4.5258 to 4.8864 based on 23 providers, with the best deals found online.

We have exclusive deals with many of the currency brokers listed above which means they offer us better rates than any other website (even their own), so book your currency through us to save even more money. We are so confident that you won't be able to buy Polish Zloty online at a better rate that we challenge you to let us know if you find a better deal!

7 Day Exchange Rate History

Over the past week the Polish Zloty has dropped by 2.85% from last Saturday's rate of 5.03 to today's rate of 4.8864 which means £750 will buy you zł107.70 less now than it would have a week ago. During this period the best rate we recorded was 5.03 on Saturday and the worst rate is 4.8864 recorded today.

90 Day Exchange Rate History

The 90 day outlook has seen the Polish Zloty rate drop by 2.53% from 5.013 on 29th January 2017 to 4.8864 today. Based on these figures, £750 would have bought you zł94.95 more three months ago that it would have today. We recorded a high rate of 5.041 on 21st April 2017 and a low rate of 4.8864 recorded today.

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No travel alerts or warnings have been issued for Poland within the past week

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