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Prepaid Travel Money Cards

Prepaid travel cards are an alternative payment method for use overseas which combine the chip-and-pin security of a bank card with the flexibility of cash. Specialist cards are available for Euros and US Dollars, as well as a Sterling or Multi-currency card that can be used anywhere in the world. Unlike credit or debit cards the balance on these cards is pre-loaded in advance which means it is impossible to go overdrawn and you won't come home to any unexpected statements or charges. They also offer highly competitive exchange rates, low or no fees and no credit checks are required.

Choose a card type

ICE Prepaid Euro Card

Euro Cards

Specifically designed for use in Europe, prepaid Euro cards can be used with or instead of cash. There are no usage fees on most cards and you can spend them anywhere in Europe that accepts MasterCard or VISA including shops, ATMs and restaurants.

Caxton FX Prepaid US Dollar Card

US Dollar Cards

Take a prepaid US Dollar card with you to the USA and benefit from some of the best exchange rates available. You won't be charged any fees for making payments or withdrawing cash anywhere in North America and your preloaded balance is chip-and-pin secure for added peace of mind.

Moneycorp Explorer Card

Multi-currency Cards

These prepaid Sterling or Multi-currency cards are ideal for holidays outside of Europe and the USA, or for trips to multiple countries. Your preloaded balance is stored in British Pounds and converted into the local currency wherever you use it in the world.

How do prepaid travel money cards work?

You can apply online for a prepaid travel card - most are free but require you to load an initial small amount of funds onto the card which is immediately converted into your chosen currency and stored electronically on your account. Your balance will remain on your card until you spend it unless you decide to cancel your card or withdraw the funds back into your UK bank account. You can top-up your balance at any time using a variety of methods including Bank Transfer, credit / debit card, by phone, SMS, and the Post Office, and because your balance is pre-loaded in advance it is impossible to go overdrawn.

When you make a purchase on the card the value will be deducted from your overall balance and once your balance reaches zero you will be unable to use the card again until you add more funds by topping it up. This makes prepaid cards perfect for travelling as a family or on a budget because you can load an initial balance and spend without worrying about returning home to any bills. These cards are not linked to your bank account in any way and no credit checks are required to apply for one.

All of the prepaid cards we compare can be used anywhere in the world that accepts MasterCard or VISA. Anyone who is over 18 can apply for a card and you cannot get into debt with them.

Benefits of using a prepaid travel money card

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